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ECDB provides matching services to customers needing qualified high voltage construction services. We have gathered the most complete list of electrical construction companies in the USA. We track over 80 data points on 450 electrical construction companies, we also have the most complete set of data available. We continually refresh and validate information in the database monthly.


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80+ Data Points on EC Companies


This free list includes basic information such as company phone number, email address, categorization, etc. but also includes advanced information such as:


  • Business designations
  • Geographic location
  • Company sectors and industry specifics
  • Company marketing sites such as Linkedin
  • Annual revenue range
  • Employee count range
  • Technology used
  • And more…


To gain full access which includes all the data-points we track, including company performance metrics. See what data points we track.


If you’d like to talk, send us a message. You can learn more about the data points we track here.